Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Allah Is Merciful

June 29th, 2005

in 614, Allah is merciful as Christian rebel Ferdinand of Castille is driven from Cordoba by the faithful Moors. The infidels are pushed north, where they last for another century before the faithful can destroy them.

in 1613, London’s Globe Theatre burns down. Suspicion immediately falls on William Shakespeare, who had been presenting himself as the author of several plays penned by Francis Bacon until Bacon revealed himself as the author. Shakespeare’s life had taken a sharp downturn since that time, and the entire theatrical community knew that he harbored a deep grudge against Bacon for stealing that prestige from him.

in 4561, casualties on either side of the siege of Hanoi stand at 200,000 fatalities as the final week of battle begins. The Chinese forces move slowly into the city, fighting every inch of the way against truly horrifying opposition from the citizens and military inside the city. In his memoirs of the Battle of Hanoi, Imperial General Zuo Zongtang said that he would prefer being dropped into the deepest of the hells to fighting the Viet again.

in 1941, Kwame Toure, future leader of the American underground organization, the Semitic-African Resistance, is born. One of the galvanizing moments of his life happens in his first few hours: the neo-Nazi supported German People’s Underground fires several nuclear missiles at Greater Zionist-controlled cities across Europe.

in 1956, blonde bombshell Norma Jeane Mortenson married famed humorist Arthur Miller. When asked why she had chosen a man who was not exactly known for his physique, Mrs. Miller answered, “He makes me laugh.” Indeed, the sex goddess seemed much happier after the marriage, and the two laughed away their years together until Mrs. Miller’s death in 2001.

in 1964, producer Bob Wesley’s show Star Trek airs its pilot, The Cage. Although the pilot is disappointing, the show’s concept excites the test audience, and Wesley reworks the cast and script. With a new cast starring Canadian William Shatner, the series was a phenomenal hit, running through 1973 and inspiring a wave of science fiction on television.

in 1970, NBC aired The Judy & Liza Show, which paired the mother-daughter team of Judy Garland and Liza Minelli. The emotional show, featuring music and skits between them, won several Emmys, including Ms. Garland’s first after 3 other nominations. Accepting the award, she thanked God, Reverend Martin King, and her daughter, “who’s been on this road with me for so long. I love you, honey.” It was all the more poignant because they had each been nominated in the same category, and rumor had it that Ms. Minelli wanted the award just as much for herself as for her mother. Still, when her mother won, they embraced and the two seemed to bear no ill will towards each other afterwards.

in 1981, with half of their number down, the remaining Vegas 6 members wait nervously in the Sisters of Mercy hospital in Las Vegas for the CDC to tell them what is happening to their downed fellows. As Piston goes into convulsions, Warp Drive and Meteora, the weather-controller, both collapse. Now, the only unaffected 6er is young Sparky.

in 2004, as Jacob and Livinia Sheridan attempt to break into rogue physicist Damien Moore’s island fortress, they are captured by his mercenary forces and thrown into the same cell as Prime Minister Howard. “So,” Howard tells them, “we’re in it again.”


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Cinlef said...

Uh how is the Star Trek one ALTERNATE history, didn't the original star Canadain (and Montrealer yes yes my city rocks) William Shatner?
Nonplussed and Bemused

B. said...


The original Star Trek series didn't run through 1973 :)

Also, it was produced by Gene Roddenberry, not "Bob Wesley", eh?

Anonymous said...

Re: Livinia/Nixon: Boy, save the world twice and suddenly everyone thinks you're the A-Team. They're scientists, for pete's sake, not commandos! :)

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Well, they are experts in the field.

Cinlef said...

My bad didn't notice Gene ROdenberry.Bob Wesly thing sorry

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