Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Spread Of The Christmas Truce

June 11th, 2005

in 1509, King Henry VIII marries the woman who becomes his one true love, Catherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow. Henry’s love for Catherine was so intense that there was even some suspicion that he had arranged his brother Arthur’s death so that he could have Catherine. They were only separated by Henry’s death in 1547.

in 1861, Lyle Fitz-Warren and Brent Carpenter met in Fitz-Warren's London apartment to discuss Mlosh infiltration into British society. Both men had an intense fear and hatred of the alien race, and resented the warping effect they had had on human civilization. Together, they vowed to bring an end to the Mlosh presence, and created a charter for their group, which they named the Human League.

in 1863, Mikhail von Heflin, the Baron of Death, hears of the American Civil War in his native Bohemia. He is interested in the war because he has descendants in America, and this prompts him to begin thinking about leaving central Europe and traveling westward.

in 4561, Siamese troops arrived at Hanoi to reinforce the Chinese. The Viet inside Hanoi began building tunnels underneath the city to provide escape routes for all the non-combatants. The system of tunnels survives to this day, and is a popular Imperial tourist destination.

in 1915, British and German troops that have refused to fight each other since the Christmas truce are attacked on either side by reinforcements sent from their respective countries. This plan backfires as the reinforcements, realizing they are firing on their own countrymen, also go over to the pacifist side. By the end of June, all troops in Europe return to their countries of origin and begin toppling the governments. Royalty across the continent flees in panic.

in 1979, costume drama fixture Marion Morrison dies after battling cancer for the better part of a decade. Morrison, an Oscar winner for his role in Quo Vadis as Nero, left behind a legacy of almost 200 films, most of them period pieces, although there were a few westerns at the beginning of his career.

in 1982, a car engine that runs on water - by breaking it down into hydrogen and oxygen - is developed and marketed by EcoMotors. This company is part of President Carter's energy initiative, a massive government program designed to wean the US from foreign oil. By the end of President Mondale's second term, US oil consumption has dropped 75%.

in 2004, using false names and identification, Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy contact Dr. Phillip Grossman at the San Francisco Neurological Institute, a non-descript building in one of San Francisco’s tonier neighborhoods. After he is assured that they have the security clearance, he books them for the neural interface surgery the next morning.


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