Sunday, June 19, 2005

Juneteenth; Horus Project Exposed

June 19th, 2005

in 485 B.C., upon Xerxes’ ascension to the Persian throne, slaves throughout the great kingdom rebelled. The councilors to the king debated long as to whether to simply kill the slaves or bring them back into servitude. Xerxes seemed to have had a change of heart recently, because he counseled a third course; he proclaimed an end to slavery within Persian lands. Many nobles rebelled, but the king was able to enforce this edict throughout his reign.

in 71 B.C., the slave army of Spartacus marched on Rome and defeated the army led by Crassus of Rome. Spartacus then sacked Rome and freed all the slaves of Italy. Roman General Pompey, coming too late to assist Crassus, attempted to drive the slaves from Rome itself, but was defeated and killed at the battle of the Appian Way.

in 1861, as he begins his second term, President Walt Whitman states that "the Constitution of the United States stands for all people, or it stands for no people." He sends out a proclamation that slavery is illegal within the borders of the United States, and declares that all persons currently held as slaves within those borders would now be free. The nation braces for a southern rebellion against the Communist leader.

in 1867, Union riders still in the Confederate state of Texas tell as many of the slaves as they can of the Emancipation Proclamation and freedom in the Union. As the Union armies withdraw to their side of the border, many black slaves find a way to spirit themselves along; over half of the slaves in Texas leave with the Union troops. This mass exodus is still popularly celebrated by their descendants in the US as Juneteenth.

in 1910, The Congress of Nations captures 4 key Jovian moons, including the production base for the Jovian Mlosh’s warships. The battle seems long lost for the Jovians, but they make a desperate attack on earth to see if they can take the war to the C.N. 5 dozen ships assault the most heavily-defended planet in the solar system, and none make it back to Jupiter.

in 1981, Nathaniel Engelsen, still in the hospital after recovering from the mysterious virus that hit Las Vegas, drops a cup of water. He watches it as it falls, and it seems to be moving in slow motion; he reaches out and grabs it, and catches all the water back inside it. After the cup is secure, his perception seems to return to normal. The incident confuses him, and he mentions it to no one.

in 1995, Mikhail von Heflin and the creature from beyond the world meet on the tundra of northern Russia, and the Baron must summon all his formidable powers to keep the creature from destroying him. After a great battle, he manages to subdue it and begins the long trek back to Khabarovsk to imprison it again.

in 2004, when the Horus Project expose breaks in the San Francisco Chronicle, President Gore is peppered with questions about it at a hastily arranged press conference. “I had no knowledge that Smartnet was being used for this purpose,” he says. When reporters asked to examine the back of his head for a DNL implant, he obliges; there are no signs of an implant. Meanwhile, the Chronicle is making arrangements to hide Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy for some time.


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Writer said...

What exactly is this creature Heflin is fighting? Some demon from hell? Finnish God? Ronald Reagan? What is it?

Cinlef said...
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Brother Nathan said...

Just arrived and am loving your blog. Great work.

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