Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Western Land; Death In Khabarovsk

June 15th, 2005

in 1225, Pope John of the Holy British Empire signed the Magna Carta, guaranteeing the rights of all British citizens. This move is universally opposed by his bishops and cardinals, leading to the first of many rebellions against his Holiness.

in the 60th year of Tutankhara’s reign, a land was discovered across the Western Ocean. The new steam-powered vessels of the Pharaoh were able to cross the vast expanse of the ocean in mere weeks, making all the old tales about the Western Ocean hiding the home of the gods a lie. The Oeztecan Empire that was found there immediately saw the advantage of trade with the east, and a long partnership was begun between the two mighty people.

in 1802, Virginian farmer and politician George Washington is elected to serve as First Chancellor of the North American Confederation. He serves for two terms, and is succeeded by his Iroquois Second Chancellor, Onatah.

in 4561, the second of the many disastrous sorties was made by the rebels in Hanoi. The waiting Chinese army destroyed a thousand men before the rebels could make their way back within the city. On this day, also, a peace envoy was sent out to begin negotiating with the Chinese. Although they struggled heroically, they would ultimately prove unsuccessful.

in 1949, Oscar-winning tragic actor Jim Varney was born in Kentucky. He rose to national prominence playing Evan Earp, a descendant of Wyatt Earp’s on the dramatic TV series, The Rousters. This was followed by his first Oscar-worthy performance in the film Hey, Vern, It’s Ernest. He also won a Tony for his performance as King Lear the year of his death, in 2000.

in 1990, Pete Best’s final album before his death was released. Fool In Love sold 1 million copies in its first week, proving the old man still had plenty of fans left. Although it lacked the experimentation of his early work, the masterful crafting of the music in the album more than made up for it; a fitting cap on a legendary career.

in 1995, Mikhail von Heflin descends into the temple of Khabarovsk to see if he must again fight the creature from beyond the world that almost took his life 5 centuries before. When he finds the door broken open, he crosses over the threshold and enter’s the creature’s home. It is gone; the Baron hastily leaves the temple and begins a search of Khabarovsk for it.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy have learned that the Horus Project utilized the incredible speed and power of the Smartnet to provide a backup for people’s minds, and create an environment where they could interact with each other and watch what was still happening in the world. Although nominally reserved for major government and business figures, they found out that many Smartnet administrators had taken advantage of the Project, as well; including, as Marjorie found out in a tearful reunion, her husband David.


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Writer said...

Were did the poll go?

Robbie Taylor said...

Gone for now - see the "Our Direction" bubble on the side of the page for more info.

Cinlef said...

Sorry why are the Viets rebleling against the Chinese Empire?

Cinlef said...

Also just how big is the creatures hme dimension if Heflin can search it in one day?

Robbie Taylor said...

why are the Viets rebelling against the Chinese Empire?

Emperor Min-Yuan granted freedoms to certain western vassals, and this ticked off the Siamese and Viet people. The Siamese rejoin the empire fairly quickly, but the Viet won't go down without a lot of fighting.

Also just how big is the creatures home dimension if Heflin can search it in one day?

It's not the size of the searched area, it's the efficiency of the search...

Cinlef said...

Okay thanks

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