Thursday, June 23, 2005

Parisian Revolution; The Vegas 6

June 23rd, 2005

in the Dreaming, the Pindanjaru began to receive signs that the pale men were approaching, and to be wary. The wise among them heard Wandjina warn them that they would have to endure many seasons under the pale men. They told their people to harden themselves for the days ahead.

in 1848, workers in Paris stage a bloody insurrection against the government. As the king dithered over what to do about them, they attracted support from across the country, and soon were able to topple the government of King Louis-Philippe. Installing Pierre Joigneaux as Prime Minister, they began building a new government based on Marxist ideals.

in 4648, the ship carrying Emperor Dao-Ming and the scientific expedition of the Chdo Democracy landed at Star City in China. The people of the empire thronged to see the aliens as they gingerly walked into the bright sun. Speaking through a translation device, K’T’Teloa n’Dhao, the leader of the expedition, said to the crowd, “Neighbors, we come in peace for all Chdo. We bring friendship, life and knowledge, and hope only to exchange such with you.” The b’Han scientists were soon the toast of the Star City social circuit, celebrities everywhere in the world.

in 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser is elected President of Egypt. The visionary leader does the unthinkable in his first year in office – he makes peace with Israel. Egypt under his rule becomes the most open and westernized of the Arab nations, and is the envy of even Israel in freedom and prosperity. Nasser attributed his success to a chance meeting with Albert Einstein in his youth. Taken with the Jewish physicist, he worked his whole life to bring about “a world where the two of us needn’t hate or fear each other for our differences,” he said in his final public speech.

in 1972, President Nixon vetoes an act barring sexual discrimination in college sports. “Women need to be able to stand on their own, without help from the government. This is the only way in which they can be truly independent.” The Republican Party never regained the women’s vote after that statement.

in 1981, the 6 Vegas Plague survivors who have banded together in order to use their powers to help people face their first challenge – the super-powered individual they had rejected at their first meeting, Mobius, uses his powers to entrance a mob of tourists on the Vegas Strip and turn them into his personal army of looters. After an epic battle in the streets, Warp Drive, (the super-fast Nathaniel Engelsen), manages to slip through Mobius’ hypnotized bodyguards and capture him. Unsure what to do with Mobius, the Vegas 6 turn him over to the police.

in 1995, the Baron of Death picks himself back up after the creature from beyond had been stolen from him and sets off in pursuit of his attackers. von Heflin can sense the presence of the creature, something that he is certain the men in black uniforms didn’t know. Sensing that they are fleeing the area too quickly to follow on foot, Mikhail steals a car and points it toward their destination – Moscow.

in 2004, after connecting into the Smartnet, Marjorie Adams breaks back into the Horus Project’s Heaven to see her husband again. After explaining the situation to him, David Adams tells her not to give in. “They can’t be allowed to do this to everyone,” he tells her. “You’ve got to stop them.” Mrs. Adams leaves Heaven and gives her answer to Horus’s director – no deal. She is thrown into a cell and forced back into the Horus Project, where she and the other residents of Heaven wait tensely to see what will happen.


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Arn't the B'han the species that picked up the Baron's nephew?

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