Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gandhi's Revolution; The Horus Project

June 7th, 2005

in Hellenic Year 3157, the Hellenic form of government known as demokracy extends to the first non-Hellenic city as the citizens of the Persian city of Sardis overthrow their nobles and hold their first governing council. When the Persian emperor sends an army to crush them, Greek soldiers come to their defense and reinforce the power of demokracy versus the power of monarchies.

in 1893, Indian revolutionary Mohandas K. Gandhi organizes a guerilla cell in South Africa to struggle against the government there. Fueled by his hatred of the British, and his successes in warfare in South Africa, Gandhi returned to his homeland and ignited violent rebellion there. His name was forever after linked with violent resistance to colonial government.

in 1954, the bestselling car of all time, the Edsel, is introduced in Detroit. The sleek lines of this American classic influenced art, architecture and even furniture design for decades.

in 1976, hot off the success of American Graffiti, director George Lucas begins work on a science fiction film that he has written himself, based on old film serials. Unfortunately for him, and everyone involved, the picture runs horribly over-budget and the studio barely advertises it at all. The name Star Wars becomes synonymous with movie failure from that point on.

in 1977, Dade County, Florida’s anti-discrimination law, which explicitly included homosexuals as a protected minority, narrowly escaped repeal in an initiative led by singer Anita Bryant. Enraged at this defeat, Ms. Bryant crusaded across the country in a successful effort to halt other so-called gay rights laws from being enacted.

in 1988, Senator Gary Hart of Colorado secures the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Much mud has been slung at the Senator, but the public doesn't seem to see anything bad about him. In the general election, with Texas senator Lloyd Benson at his side, he demolishes the unpopular Republican candidate, President Reagan’s Vice-President, Gerald Ford.

in 1997, a condom manufacturer delivers a small case of its product to the White House. The rest of Bill Clinton's second term is quietly uneventful.

in 2004, in a late night hacking session, Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy have finally broken into the Smartnet site, www.horus.gov. The home page of the site informs them that it is available in NI format, a term that confuses both of them. They click on the link and are told to insert their DNL cable or activate their WNI. They track back through the site and begin reading what seems to be a government program designed to improve group communications, but they are stymied in learning anything further by links requiring a DNL or WNI connection. They decide that a trip to another Smartnet node is necessary, and leave for San Francisco in the morning.


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