Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Peasant's Revolt; The Horus Project Revealed

June 14th, 2005

in 1381, the Peasant's Revolt, led by Wat Tyler, climaxed when they took the Archbishop of Canterbury hostage and demanded to speak with the King. Richard II, after much negotiating, agreed to the peasant's terms; the nobility was abolished, except for the King's own line, and Wat Tyler was made Richard's Prime Minister. This immediately caused the Baron's Rebellion, which was put down in short order by huge armies of peasant volunteers. In his triumphant speech to his troops after the negotiations, Tyler said, "We will be free forever, our heirs and our lands."

in 1801, His Majesty Benedict Arnold, Lord of the American States, dies at his castle in Benedictus, New York. His heroism in freeing the former British colonies from the tyranny of King George had led to his coronation in 1787 when he disbanded the Continental Congress and implemented his direct rule.

in 1910, the Jovian Mlosh attack the Congress of Nations blockade around their moons, formally declaring war against the C.N. At the same time, C.N. warships are routing the Jovians in the Mlosh home system, placing themselves between the Q’Bar and the Jovians. The transports to the Kantar system are halted while the Jovians try to fight off the C.N.

in 1931, the time-travelling Nazi backers of the Greater Zionist Resistance met with Astrid Pflaume to determine the best way to get their plans back on course. Unknown to them, her loyalties had switched after the hard fighting with her Zionists, and when the Nazis arrived, she had them all shot.

in 1954, President Adlai Stevenson vetoed the Republican attempt to add the words "under God" to the pledge of allegiance, declaring it against American values. "We can defeat the Soviets without recourse to petty jingoism or invoking the Almighty," Stevenson told a press conference.

in 1994, international sensation Pete Best died of a heart attack at his apartment in New York City. Fans the world over mourned. Sought out for comment, his old bandmate Paul McCartney, recently reconciled after Best’s efforts to help him with his classical music, said, “That’s the way it goes, i’n’t it?”

in 2003, NASA and the European Space Agency began detecting large numbers of ships coming into orbit over the earth. The Martians had arrived.

in 2004, Jason Grzechy, bound as tightly as Marjorie Adams, is wheeled into the small cell where she is being kept. They are seemingly forgotten, and Grzechy remains unconscious most of the day. When he wakes, someone comes in to examine him, followed by a mysterious man in a suit. After being satisfied that they are both all right, the man in the suit says, “Welcome to the Horus Project, Mrs. Adams; Mr. Grzechy. Today, you will learn why you should have minded your own business.” He then plugged a cable into the neural interfaces they had surgically installed, and the two suddenly found themselves sitting in a small office, across a desk from a handsome Indian man. “Hello,” the Indian man said. “I am Dev Purkayastha, and I will be your guide into the Horus Project.” Over the night, the intricacies of what they have stumbled into are explained to them.


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Writer said...

When exactly is this poll you're doing know going to wrap up?

Cinlef said...

Wait Project Horus wasn't revealed ahhh misleading titles.

Armando Wason said...

are you serious?

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