Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Destruction Of Babylon

June 16th, 2005

in the 43rd year of Hammurabi’s reign, Babylonia was destroyed and the great Priest-King himself was killed when the Hittites took the country. The great laws of the king were shattered, never to be seen again.

in 1776, Tlamsita, Ml’Astra’s First Chancellor, begins her campaign to establish a meeting place for representatives of all governments on the planet. Mlosh-friendly populations in North America, Asia and southern Africa are all receptive to her invitation, but the old guard countries in Europe, north Africa and South America resist. Tlamsita dies before seeing the culmination of her dreams, the Congress of Nations, established in 1864.

in 4582, the first female Star Sailor, Yueh Chan Juan, achieves orbit over the earth. She would also become the first woman on the moon 19 years later, as Imperial Administrator of the colony there.

in 1934, uranium is smuggled into Germany by Nazi time-travelers even as the Greater Zionist Resistance is battering at its borders. Plans for nuclear weaponry follow in short order, but Zionist sympathizers among the German scientists funnel them to the GZR. There will soon be a mushroom cloud over Berlin.

in 1959, George Reeves, an actor best-known as Superman up to that point, attempted suicide. Rushed to hospital, he was saved from a nearly-fatal gunshot wound, and began a slow recovery, both mental and physical. This produced such a profound change on him that he left acting to become a minister to the poor in Los Angeles.

in 1976, students in Soweto, South Africa, begin a rebellion that topples the white government in 4 months time. The nation formerly known for its racism becomes a shining beacon of tolerance as the newly-freed leader of the nation, Nelson Mandela, embraces his former captors.

in 1978, the film adaptation of the Broadway hit Grease, premieres in New York City. Reprising their stage roles, Jeff Conaway as Danny Zuko and John Travolta as Kenickie turn the show into the top-grossing movie musical of all time. Conaway’s film career takes off, with dozens of star turns. Travolta, who had seemed promising in the TV series Welcome Back Kotter and the movie Saturday Night Fever, fades into obscurity, his career ending in the science fiction series Babylon 5.

in 2004, disgusted with the “Heaven” created by the Horus Project, Jason Grzechy leaves the Adams’ to their reunion and begins talking up the other Smartnet personnel who have been backed up into the system. With their assistance, he is able to construct a hack that gives him a view of his body. It is apparently scheduled for disposal the next day, along with Marjorie Adams’. With the help of an Irish admin, Fionna O’Sullivan, Grzechy devises a plan to get out; but to do so, Marjorie must leave David behind.


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Damien said...

There's onle one 'n' in Fiona ;-)

Robbie Taylor said...

This Fionna spells it with 2.


Damien said...

Then she's not proper Irish ;)

(I'm not on retainer from the tourist board or anything).

Fionna said...

I'm not very proper, but I am Irish.

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