Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Slavery Outlawed In The U.K.; Romans On Luna

June 22nd, 2005

in 1770, Great Britain outlaws slavery. This movement, spearheaded by the Mlosh community in the U.K., will spread across Europe by the end of the decade. While it is welcomed by most Europeans, a small number of former slaveholders harbors resentment against the Mlosh for this. They join with people of similar sentiments in the North American Confederation to form the Traditional Values Brigade. This xenophobic movement gives birth to many other anti-Mlosh organizations, such as the Warriors of God, the Sons of Adam, and of course, the Human League.

in 2656 AUC, Jovanis Centurius Crotus became the first Roman on Luna. A man who had begun life as a pauper in Germania, he became an inspiration to the entire Republic. His words, “A small step for me; but with it, our people leap into the future,” were left emblazoned on a plaque at his landing site.

in 1935, Astrid Pflaume, leader of the Greater Zionist Resistance, is assassinated by her former allies, neo-Nazi time-travelers from the late 1960’s. In spite of the loss of one their greatest leaders, the GZR grows even stronger. The neo-Nazis at this point have little choice but to begin shuttling weapons of the future into the past.

in 1981, seven survivors of the Vegas Plague assemble together in New York City. They have all manifested some sort of super-normal power, and some of them, like Electro-Man and Sparky, have used their powers to help people. One of the survivors, though, suggests that they use their powers for personal gain. This man, Mobius, does not give the group his real name, and leaves the meeting when they fail to adopt his suggestion.

in 1989, George Harrison, former guitarist for Pete Best, produces an album for a new artist named Madonna Ciccone. The album, Living in the Material World, featuring the song Material Girl, is an international hit.

in 1991, Mt. Didicas erupts underwater in the Philippines. After the eruption is over and the sea has cooled, vulcanologists diving in the area see the remains of some sort of settlement in the area around the volcano. Further study shows that the “settlement” was a city stretching for miles. Paranormal researchers the world over converge on the Philippines, thinking that they have discovered Atlantis.

in 1995, Mikhail von Heflin places his prisoner back into the chamber in the temple in Khabarovsk, and begins to seal it back up. Just before he completes the seal, the Baron is struck by several men in black military uniforms, who manage to fight him off long enough to steal the creature and make an escape.

in 1998, Judy Garland dies of a heart attack. In her youth, many people thought that the famed entertainer would have died much younger, due to her drug and alcohol abuse. But, in her 40’s, she met a young preacher from Georgia named Martin King who convinced her that her life meant something. She went on to win 2 more Oscars and to use her fame to speak out in favor of racial equality and addressing the needs of the poor in America.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams meets with the head of the Horus Project, John Berry. “You have been a great deal of trouble, Mrs. Adams,” he tells her. “Now, I’ll give you a deal; tell everyone it was a hoax, or we delete your husband from Heaven.” They give her 24 hours to think about it.


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Cinlef said...

The millitary is messing with The Baron.It just became a bad day to be them.

Ryu4118 said...

Heh. Mobius is a good name for a super villain.

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