Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bodies Found In Brentwood; Buonaparte Invades Russia

June 12th, 2005

in 1812, Italian Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte makes his worst military decision, and invades Russia. Although his campaign in the summer goes well, by the time he reaches Moscow it is the dead of winter, and his troops freeze in the Russian snow. He is forced to withdraw back to Rome and loses many good men along the way.

in 1862, the Human League takes credit for a series of bombings against Mlosh citizens of Britain. The Crown vows to catch them, but there are sympathetic elements in Scotland Yard that slow the investigation.

in 1958, Buddy Holly reunited with his old band, The Crickets, for a successful US tour. This reunion produced such hits as I'll Be Lovin' Her, Puerto Rican Mama, and their remake of I'll Be Seeing You.

in 1977, President Reagan enacted sweeping tax cuts, mostly aimed at the well-to-do, but with some at lower ends of the economic spectrum. They didn't prove to be the stimulus he expected, though, and the nation plunged into a deep recession.

in 1992, filmmaker Oliver Stone releases JBR, in which he attempts to give credence to People's Attorney Presley's arguments that Comrade President Rosenberg was killed by a conspiracy rather than a lone counter-revolutionary. The film is a huge success, prompting the Communist Party to call for its banning.

in 1994, the mutilated bodies of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were found in Brentwood, California, at Ms. Simpson’s home. Suspicion fell briefly on Ms. Simpson’s former husband, football star O.J. Simpson, but the case wasn’t pursued by Los Angeles prosecutors, and remains unsolved to this day.

in 1995, the formal Church of Elvis, Christian, is founded in Memphis, Tennessee. The initial congregation numbers in the hundreds. They open their first service with a recording of How Great Thou Art sung by, of course, Elvis.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy go under the knife to have neural interfaces implanted in their heads, so that they can access the hidden portions of the Horus Project, part of the Smartnet that has been hidden from the general public. They have been told that it is a simple procedure, and will only require a short period of recuperation; but they don’t wake back up that day.


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Cinlef said...

They both went under the knife?Why should one guard the other a covert government agency wouldnt resort to kidnapping or murder would it? Idiots

Robbie Taylor said...

Well, of course they're idiots - they're main characters in a summer blockbuster...

Cinlef said...

lol true enough

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