Monday, June 06, 2005

The Drive-In; Operation Overlord

June 6th, 2005

in 1720, the alien race known as the Mlosh land on earth. They announce to the human populations they interact with that they only wish to join earth and its cultures, and be treated as equals among us. After some initial panic, they are welcomed, (begrudgingly in some quarters), into the company of man.

in 1933, Richard Hollingshead, a Camden, New Jersey businessman, opened up an outdoor movie theater he called a Drive-In. Customers drove through a toll entrance where the car’s occupants were charged for the movie, and then drive up to a post that held a speaker so they could hear the film. So many people simply watched from a distance or snuck in that Hollingshead lost his shirt, and the idea became a footnote of the 30’s.

in 1944, the desperate push by the Allies to invade Europe and end Hitler's control of the continent is begun at Calais, France, under the command of General George Patton. Despite Patton's brilliant leadership, the Allies are defeated, and Nazi control of the continent is solidified.

in 1968, Pete Best, international sensation from Liverpool, announces that he will no longer be touring after his current tour is over. He claims that since the fans scream so much during the concerts, no one hears anything, anyway. Millions of disappointed fans sell out his remaining venues, prompting critics to cry that it was all just a publicity scheme.

in 1976, former Governor Ronald Reagan secures the Republican presidential nomination from President Gerald Ford, and goes on to win in the general election against another former governor, Jimmy Carter of Georgia. His presidency is only one term long, due in large part to a hostage crisis in Iran at the end of his presidency.

in 1362, Sikh rebels against the Indian mogul are cornered at their holiest site, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and wiped out in a horribly bloody day of fighting. The Sikh had been fighting for 2 years to create their own state separate from the Islamic empire of the Moguls, and their defeat at Amritsar doomed their rebellion.

in 1989, the Revolutionary Committee of Tiananmen Square declares itself the True People's Republic of China, and appeals for recognition from the various foreign emissaries who had come to Beijing for a conference with the old government. The foreign powers are reluctant to recognize them, giving the old-guard Communists a chance to regroup.

in 2004, hiding in a cabin in California’s northern woods, Marjorie Adams and Jason Grzechy make another attempt to break into the mysterious Smartnet site, They work into the night, before Adams, recalling the image left on Mark Kettler’s computer, tries the password falcon. The Smartnet site opens before them.


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Writer said...

I'd like to see more on the Dreamtime timeline.

ryu4118 said...

Can't wait to see what's on the Smartnet site.

Cinlef said...

Hooray revealed...seriously though it took them that long to guess falcon that was my first guess,also can we have some more Mikhail von Hefflin.
Keep on Rocking

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the Mlosh land somewhere less technologically advanced? It occured to me that they could landed in Australia and had 60 years of just stone age technology to worry about before people with boomsticks came along... plenty of time to make sure that you're established before having to face any potential higher tech threats?

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