Friday, June 03, 2005

Pope Arthur I; Royal Wedding

June 3rd, 2005

in 899, Pope Pius III met with King Arthur of Britain and declared him to be God's Apostle on earth. He crowned him Pope Arthur I, abdicating his own position, and Arthur renamed his kingdom the Holy British Empire. It included many disparate areas of Europe at its beginning, but by Arthur's death in 932, it stretched from Scotland to the Italian boot.

in 1851 AUC, Messianics attack Antiochus in the eastern half of the Roman Republic. In spite of a thousand years of repression, these cultists from the Judean province were still causing troubles for Rome; Senator Sentilus of Judea proposed a temporary lifting of the Republic’s guarantee of religious freedom in order to fight them, but the Senate didn’t approve his measure.

in 1902, the Vidalia Eddie is introduced. The Vidalia has a small movie screen on it that allows the user to see the output of the Vidalia prior to printing it. This innovation rocks the world and spells the end of Edison's French competitors, who cannot match this technological advance.

in 1910, Jovian Mlosh forces engage Q’B’Ton’ran Q’Bar as they launch a desperate attack on Pluto. The Q’Bar had hoped to provoke the Congress of Nations into a more direct role in the conflict, but the Jovian’s swift response foiled them.

in 1923, Benito Mussolini’s extension of the right to vote to women backfires when his Fascisti are ousted from Parliament. He attempts to reverse the election results, but a general uprising forces him from office; far-right politics in Europe follow him into obscurity.

in 1937, King Edward VIII married his American fiancĂ©e, Wallis Simpson. Parliament erupted in a storm of protest, and Prime Minister Baldwin demanded Edward’s crown, but the controversy settled down after Great Britain got to know their new queen.

in 1989, the Communist government of China began unravelling as the rebellion in Tiananman Square expanded to the streets of Beijing. By the fall, the entire province was in open revolt, with many military units coming over to the rebel side.

in 2004, Mark Kettler, one of the hackers who had assisted Cindy Berenson and Marjorie Adams breaking into the Smartnet node at UCLA, breaks into a classified site at the Pentagon and downloads a list of passwords, including one for the mysterious site He calls Mrs. Adams and arranges to meet her the next day.


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