Monday, June 20, 2005


June 20th, 2005

in 1791, former King Louis XVI escapes from the clutches of the revolutionaries and is given sanctuary in England. When the English refuse to extradite him to the revolutionary government, the two great nations go to war. Over the next 6 years, the two great powers waste themselves on each other, and their lands and colonies around the world are seized by other opportunistic European nations.

in 1837, Pope William IV of the Holy British Empire dies, and is succeeded by his daughter, Pope Victoria I. Victoria takes the stagnant Catholic empire and extends its rule from Europe onto every continent in a papacy that lasts for 70 years. Many during her reign believed that she was Arthur finally reborn, but this was squashed as heresy.

in 1944, Congress chartered the Central Intelligence Agency. The rest of this post is classified.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming of the Chinese Empire and Ambassador Ko’cho Lmota of the Chdo Democracy hammer out the Agreement on Interstellar Protocols, a peace treaty between the two space-faring races. Ko’cho is also eager to see what resources the empire has for trade, and gains permission from Dao-Ming to allow researchers to land on earth and explore the rest of the system.

in 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union made a hot-line agreement that established emergency communications between the two superpowers. It was only used once, during the nuclear exchange over Israel in 1973.

in 1981, the few survivors of the Vegas Plague, a genetically-engineered virus that escaped from Area 51 and devastated Las Vegas, Nevada, begin to exhibit strange new abilities; they are quicker, faster, even smarter than before the plague. A Center for Disease Control team moves into the Vegas area to begin a study of them.

in 1995, heading back to Khabarovsk, the Baron of Death begins summoning the strength to reconstruct the prison he had made for his captive, a creature from beyond the world. Since it had taken 5 centuries for it to escape the other one, he estimated at least that long before it could escape a new one.

in 2004, Jason Grzechy , carrying around a DNL interface, plugs it into a Smartnet terminal and starts hacking around. He has been warned by Marjorie Adams to be careful, but he feels a strong urge to exact revenge for the last two weeks on those behind the Horus Project. Unfortunately for him, the safety protocols around Horus turn out to be deadly.


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