Monday, June 13, 2005

Wandjina's Wisdom; Nobody Screams For Ice Cream

June 13th, 2005

in the Dreaming, Wandjina came to the people of Pindanjaru with much wisdom. He spoke of caring for the land, of building a bridge to the stars, and of the coming of the pale men. He promised to return on that day to defend the Dreaming against their invasion.

in Kaliyuga 597, Gauthama Siddhartha, a prince of India, sat beneath a tree and meditated. The riches of his people were before him, privilege and honor enough for 10 nobles. But he knew nothing of poverty. After much meditation, he decided he preferred it that way. He became a hideous tyrant, conquering the lands to the north as well as other Hindi.

in 1789, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton served a dessert treat for General George Washington, a dish called ice cream. It was not received well, and has never been a popular sweet since, in spite of several attempts to remarket it.

in 4561, in a desparate attempt to gain access to food from farmlands around the city, troops in Hanoi burst through the Chinese siege forces in a bloody battle lasting half the day. They were barely able to scavenge enough food to hold off starvation for a few days; the situation inside Hanoi was almost as grim after the sorty as before.

in 1910, finally heeding the anguished pleas of the Q’Bar, the Congress of Nations sends a fleet to halt the genocide that the Jovian Mlosh are committing against them in the Mlosh home system. They also send a sizeable number of warships to the Jovian moons in order to let the Jovians know that further attacks would jeopardize their home.

in 1944, the first satellites of the German Underground are placed in orbit. Their time-traveling neo-Nazi benefactors had brought them the plans years before, but they had finally acquired the resources to make use of them. With these satellites, they are able to better coordinate rocket attacks on the dwindling Greater Zionist Resistance positions.

in 1995, after a long journey, Mikhail von Heflin enters the Russian city of Khabarovsk, where an earthquake had destroyed a temple he had erected 5 centuries before. The reason for the temple’s existence was a door barring entrance to this world of a creature that the Baron had nearly died fighting; the door has, of course, been destroyed.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams woke late at night to find herself strapped down on a bed in a small room. In the room with her was what appeared to be a Smartnet terminal with a DNL interface, and a small man who peered at her with great interest. After she awoke, he said to her, “Your friend will join you once he recuperates,” and left the room. The rest of the night was spent in agonized waiting.


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Cinlef said...

So the temple can stop a trans dimentional monster that could beat the hell out of Hefflin but not withstand a simple earthquake Hmmm then again if I cared about plausibility the timeline about the immortal Hefflin wouldn't be my favorite
Keep Rocking

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Well, obviously, it was magical. Magical enough to keep closed a portal to another dimension, but not magical enough to hold withstand an earthquake. Besides, it might have been a magical earthquake.

Cinlef said...

Good point,never thoguth of that but most magical focal points due have lots of natural phenomenons happening.
I remain

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