Wednesday, June 01, 2005

God's Judgement; Action Comics

June 1st, 2005

in 1638, God’s judgement fell upon the wicked in Plymouth, Massachusetts, when He shook the earth and destroyed the settlement. As a consequence, Puritanism was outlawed from Massachusetts in order to forestall any further acts of vengeance from the Almighty.

in 1779, George Washington, leading general of the rebel forces in North America, is tried and hung by the British commander, Lord Cornwallis. The rebellion is swiftly routed afterwards. British spy Benedict Arnold is given a commission and lands by His Majesty for his part in capturing the contemptible Washington.

in 1938, Action Comics produced a different slant on the traditional comic strip by replacing the pulp heroes readers were used to with a Superman who was able to leap tall buildings at a single bound and lift cars. This Superman character didn’t last past the first 5 issues before being replaced with the pulpier Corey Flint, a character which has endeared itself to the American public.

in 1949, Arthur Miller's upbeat comedy, Life Of A Salesman, premiered in New York to rave reviews. Playgoers were often so overcome with laughter that they could hardly stand to walk out after the play was over. Miller's comic career continued for many years after, with such wacky screwball comedies as The Misfits, After The Fall, and his parody of the Ibsen play Enemy of the People, A Buddy To Everybody.

in 1962, international sensation Pete Best left the unknown group he had been the drummer for since the 50's, and released his first solo album, Liverpool Love Songs. This #1 hit rocketed Best to fame across the world.

in 1968, one of Socialism’s most inspiring stories came to an end as Comrade Helen Keller died in her Washington, D.C. area home. Deaf and blind from a disease in her infancy, Comrade Keller was taught how to communicate by the People’s School System that had been set in place after the Southern Rebellion by President Walt Whitman.

in 1980, a group of dissident Iranians managed to free the American hostages being held in the embassy in Tehran and spirit them to waiting US forces in the Persian Gulf. President Jimmy Carter flew to greet the hostages personally, as his approval ratings soared with America's joy. Republican candidate Ronald Reagan grudgingly rejoiced at the hostages' return, although it spelled the end of his hopes of capturing the presidency.

in 2004, Cindy Berenson broke the encryption on the Emergency Instructions file she had stolen from the Smartnet node at UCLA. As she was reading, the computer she was working at in Marjorie Adams’ home exploded, electrocuting her. Adams and the other 2 hackers with her rushed Berenson to the hospital, but it was too late; the young woman left them with the enigmatic phrase “”


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