Friday, June 17, 2005

Death VS The Creature From Beyond

June 17th, 2005

in 1579, Sir Francis Drake lands on the western coast of North America. The native people, at first welcoming to him, become hostile after one of his men rapes a young women. In the ensuing battle, Drake and most of his men are killed. One ship barely makes it back to England.

in 1856, the first national convention of the Communist Party, formerly known as the Republican Party, is held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At this raucus meeting of the people, Walt Whitman is nominated as the party's candidate for the presidency. Whitman's speech accepting the nomination, the first ever delivered at a national convention, brings tears to the eyes of the delegates. His moving, poetic words stir the nation, and he becomes the youngest man ever elected President of the United States.

in 1880, John Monte Ward has the best day of his life as he throws a perfect game of Town Ball, and his Providence Sailors beat the Buffalo Northmen 5-0. It is only the 2nd perfect game of Town Ball ever.

in 4648, an Imperial Star Fleet ship sailed out to the agreed coordinates, just outside the orbit of Jupiter, to meet the Chdo Embassador. Emperor Dao-Ming considered the meeting to be of such importance that he had been through Star Sailor training himself in Star City, and flew on the vessel.

in 1972, unknown assailants killed a night watchman at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. The crime was never fully investigated for some reason. Conspiracy nuts continue to say 3-term President Richard Nixon had a hand in it, but who can believe those nattering nabobs of negativity?

in 1994, former football star O.J. Simpson, under suspicion for the murders of his ex-wife and a friend, flees capture with the help of his old friend, Al Cowlings. They blend into Los Angeles traffic and slip away from the police. Simpson is not seen again for 4 years.

in 1995, a creature from beyond the world that has been hunting the citizens of Khabarovsk, Russia, is found and fought with by Mikhail von Heflin, the Baron of Death who had captured it five centuries before. The homes in that neighborhood, already weakened by the earthquake that had freed the creature, suffer greatly from the battle, and the Baron lets the creature go rather than harm these people further.

in 2004, after David Adams convinces his wife Marjorie to leave the Horus Project’s virtual Heaven, Jason Grzechy uses a small cleaning robot he and an Irish Smartnet admin have hacked into to reattach the Direct Neural Link cable into their brains and download themselves back into the real world. Back in their bodies, they escape the facility they are being held in, and find their way to a newspaper.


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Cinlef said...

What exactly is Hefflin(has that been explained)? Also how does letting that creature go help the towns people its praying upon.
Just WOndering

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

von Heflin is a Baron. That's all you need to know for now.

And battling the creature would cause it to run away, since it obviously fears the Baron. Battling it would cause further damage to surrounding homes.

Cinlef said...

The creature almost killed him 5 centuries ago why does it fear him?

Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Because he managed to overpower it and imprison it, so obviously he is the stronger.

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