Saturday, June 04, 2005

Death Of The Democrats; Martian Invasion Begins

June 4th, 2005

in 1774, Mlosh negotiators prevent the British Parliament from raising taxes on their North American colonies; they manage to convey the colonials' feeling to the government that taxation without representation was unjust, and would likely lead to hostilities between the Crown and its subjects. This mighty peace of negotiating is the beginning of the Mlosh' rise to prominence in North American politics, paving the way for their creation of the North American Confederation.

in 4561, the shocked Emperor Min-Yuan refuses to use one of his remaining Sun Bombs against Hanoi, in spite of the urgings of angry generals. "In the act of ruling my people, I shall not destroy them," declared Min-Yuan. Black rain began falling on Hanoi; both sides took this as a bad omen.

in 1884, the Democratic Party, the oldest in America, finally gives up the ghost and announces it will not be fielding any candidates in the general elections that year. Instead, it urges its supporters to stand behind the Socialist Party, which has emerged as a conservative alternative to the Marxist Communists. In response to this call, Socialist Grover Cleveland defeated Communist President Chester A. Arthur in the general election.

in 1896, Henry Ford is killed after losing control of his new automobile. Americans take this lesson to heart and ban the horseless carriage from the streets of the nation.

in 1902, Pascal, LLC, the makers of the Pascal Difference Engine, announce that they will be shifting the focus of their business from the manufacture of DEs to the research of different uses for it. After several years of teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, this move will pay off in the end; Pascal became the most successful manufacturer of programs for Edison's Vidalia line in the 30's.

in 1919, an amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing women the right to vote was defeated in the Congress. Opponents had called passage a sure road to anarchy, but the reverse seemed true; at the announcement of the amendment's defeat, suffragists took to the streets of Washington, and the town burned for 3 days.

in 2003, NASA detects movement in the Cydonia region of Mars as the Martian natives begin to rise from their centuries-long sleep. The first of many hostile ships is launched from the surface of the planet towards Earth.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams arrives at her young friend Mark Kettler’s apartment to find the door ajar and signs of a struggle inside. Kettler’s computer has been reformatted, and on the desktop is a picture of a falcon grabbing a mouse. After a quick search for Kettler and a look through his computer to be sure that nothing is there, Adams flees the apartment to warn the remaining hacker with whom she snuck into the Smartnet node at UCLA.


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