Saturday, June 25, 2005

Argentine Loss In The World Cup

June 26th, 2005

in 1265, Bishop Simon de Montfort faced Pope Henry III at the Battle of Evesham. After de Montfort was thoroughly routed, Pope Henry said, “God has decreed a terrible punishment for all those who stand against him,” and ordered the rebel bishop dismembered. After tales of de Montfort’s grisly end spread across the Holy British Empire, no one dared take up arms against the pope until after Henry III’s passing.

in 1947, pilot Ken Arnold buys his own airport with money that he said “a rich Uncle Sam left me.” He never did say why.

in 1949, comic-philanthropist Jimmie Walker was born in the Bronx. During his stint on the TV series Good Time, Walker was paid a handsome salary, which he invested wisely. When the series came to an end, he was able to pick projects of high quality, rather than simply jump at any entertainment job that presented itself to him. He also donated to several charities, most notably the United Negro College Fund. The Jimmie Walker Memorial Scholarship was set up in his name to help other young black comics get both an education and a leg up in the entertainment world.

in 1950, the Korean conflict begins. With Chinese aid, the fascistic northern Koreans invade the Soviet American-aided southern Koreans. The bloody war rages for almost 4 years, and only results in a fierce stalemate, as both sides agree to end overt hostilities. China and Soviet America also agree to end covert hostilities towards each other after the conflict proved almost as costly to them as it had to their surrogates.

in 1978, hearts are broken across host country Argentina as they lose the World Cup 3-1. In the Netherlands, however, hearts soared as they avenged their loss in the 1970 Cup.

in 1981, the Vegas 6 meet at the abandoned Metro casino and discuss an interesting development – their powers are getting stronger. Electro-Man and Sparky can produce shocks like thunderbolts, and Warp Drive is able to break the sound barrier with ease. All the heroes feel their powers growing; unfortunately, they know that means that Mobius is growing in strength, as well.

in 1982, porn star John Holmes is acquitted of murder charges in the death of an acquaintance. After this narrow escape from death, he turns his life around and obtains a law degree from UCLA. Although dying of AIDS, he spent the rest of his life advocating for those who had been trampled by life, and tried to bring hope to others suffering his condition.

in 1995, arriving in Moscow, Mikhail von Heflin is stopped by a military patrol; it seems as if martial law has been imposed on the city. Unwilling to be taken to prison, he bashes his way through the young soldiers attempting to arrest him and plunges into the heart of the great Russian city to find his quarry. He can feel its unnatural presence pulsing in the Kremlin.

in 2004, the Horus Project is cancelled by presidential order, and all the residents of the virtual Heaven are to be returned to their bodies. Having no body to return to, David Adams says a final farewell to his wife Marjorie, and they part as Heaven is deleted. Mrs. Adams is celebrated as a national hero, but the accolades fall on a broken heart.


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Cinlef said...

Why in gods name is the Kremlin messing with Hefflin? What possible value can that creature have ?

nathaniel said...

i love being included in the timeline! this is awesome. i love how my powers were introduced as well :)

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